We are pleased to announce our newly revamped Cliradex.com website to help educate patients and build awareness about eye health and wellness, particularly related to blepharitis, Demodex, dry eye, ocular rosacea and other lid margin diseases.

The website also provides you and your staff access to clinical and product information about Cliradex, our preservative-free, all-natural lid, lash, and facial cleanser. Cliradex isolates 4-Terpineol, the most important ingredient in tea tree oil, that is clinically-proven to safely and effectively clean the skin and eradicate Demodex mites.
Example of usage – Neda Shamie, MD, a practicing ophthalmologist at Advanced Vision Care in Los Angeles and a specialist in corneal, cataract, and refractive surgery, says “Cliradex offers a paradigm shift in how I treat patients with Demodex, blepharitis and other lid margin diseases, due to its effectiveness in getting to the core of the problem. Cliradex.com helps better educate our patients on how to achieve optimal eye health through this very safe and clinically proven solution. Unlike many product websites, Cliradex.com puts scientific publications and numerous testimonials in one location, so physicians and consumers benefit.”

The site offers:

  • New Video Testimonials and Tutorials – Doctor and patient testimonials on various eye and skin conditions and their results from treating patients with Cliradex, as well as an updated “How to Use Cliradex” patient video tutorial.
  • Publications and Studies – Access to clinical studies and publications, such as “The Pathogenic Role of Demodex Mites in Blepharitis” and “Terpinen-4-ol is the Most Active Ingredient of Tea Tree Oil to Kill Demodex Mites.”
  • Find a Cliradex DoctorAn updated and interactive directory that allows patients to search throughout the U.S. for a doctor in their area specializing in the treatment of lid margin diseases using Cliradex. Your practice is placed in our directory when you become a Cliradex supplier recommender.
  • Treatment/Order Information – Information about Cliradex, why it’s unique and effective, and access for consumers to order it directly or through their doctor.
  • Physician Section – A new section for physicians with additional product information, and a secure portal for eye care practices to order Cliradex.

In addition to the many benefits for you and your staff, the site is a great patient education tool to help them understand their condition and treatment with our scientifically-proven treatment. Please let your patients know about this great resource and follow us on Facebook!

For more information on the benefits of Cliradex, click the button below to download the infographic.

Download the ‘Cliradex: How It’s Made’ Infographic NowPublished on June 10, 2016 by Tom Daniells, Chief Commercial Officer