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“Traditionally we haven’t had many great options for treating stubborn conditions that affect the eyelid and ocular surfaces such as blepharitis and rosacea. During my training, we would recommend baby shampoo as a cleanser which would be quite irritating to the ocular surface and really didn’t get to the crux of the problem, leaving some patients with continual symptoms such as itchiness and irritation.
Luckily today, we have other options for patients that are much more effective. One such option that has become a ‘go-to’ in my practice is Cliradex.” — Dr. Neda Shamie, MD

“I have been suffering from dry eyes, rosacea, and Demodex for over 15 years […] Over the past month, I have been taking antibiotics and anti-red creams and soaps and different prescription creams and nothing worked. My eyes felt like there was sand or fuzz stuck in them and after years of suffering, my right lower eyelid started twitching… Lucky for me I came across this product and I received it by mail so quickly I was surprised. But the biggest surprise was how quickly I got relief – after one application. I feel like a new person.” — Stacy

“I have experimented with many products. Cliradex is by far the best product out there.” — Leica S.

“I am a dry eye specialist in the suburbs of Seattle, WA. In our wet climate, I see many patients with significant Demodex and have been incredibly pleased with the results for our patients at returning visits! Not only is the Demodex gone, but their lashes are also longer, fuller and darker due to the significant improvement of eyelid health.” — Kari

“It was about three days, I really started noticing differences.” — Anonymous

“I have really dry eyes . . . [Cliradex] opened everything up, made my eyes, you know, feel cleaner, like they could breathe.” — Anonymous

“I felt very happy, really excited when I saw that the Cliradex was working and cleaned up my condition.” — Anonymous

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